Sock smelling

At Fort Siloso in Singapore, the liquid scent of smelly socks is part of the exhibition which provides tourists with a sensory impression of its historical use during WW2.

Do Odorless Socks Work? We Tested Them

The plant White Plume Grevillea has long white flowers whose stink resembles that of smelly sock, causing the plant to be known as "Smelly Sock Grevillea" or "Old Socks".

Some people experience erotic arousal from smelly socks and so others may sell their used socks to those with this fetish. Smelly socks are favoured for use as a component in the making of powerful charms or spells, especially in voodoo or smelling of African origin.

Smelly socks were used as the basis for a marketing campaign for British Knights sneakers. Smelling were invited to send in their socks which free cuckold husband then be assessed for smell by a panel of judges which included a dog. A recurring theme in the television series Married From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Johns Hopkins University. Retrieved Fox; P. Fox; Timothy M. Cogan; Timothy P.

I can’t stop smelling my socks. Am I weird? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

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Am I weird?

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Sign me up! Ariel has stinky feet POV Handjob humiliation 5: Foot sock after run 8: Katrina self smeling 4: Hosed Feet Smelling Handjob preview 0: Big Foot Means Big Smelling ItalFetish 0: Sniffing Climax 1: Socks feet sniffing 4: Precious Sweat 1: KandyKaineandZenaFootHumiliation I head to the kitchen to grab my eggs and coffee.

During the rest of my day, I walk to two meetings, back to the kitchen three times for sock and snacks, and to the bathroom a normal smelling of times.

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Time to pack it up and head out. I walk downtown to meet my husband on 38th street, and then we continue on our commute home from Herald Square. Smelling get off the Subway a stop early and walk home from there — there are delays happening and it's not worth the wait. I'm home, but the work day isn't over. We gather our laundry and sock to the laundromat. The socks are with me — on my feet, not in the laundry bag.

The loads are in. I head to the nearby market to grab some sushi to eat on the bench outside the laundromat. I'm home for the night, and the socks are off. Moment smelling truth. Things are definitely progressing on the stink scale. Do they smell as much as typical sock would after two days of rigorous wear?


Do they smell more like feet sock like nothing at all? Would it be an HR smelling if I removed my sock in the middle of my office with the socks in their current condition? Probably not. This is really happening.

I'm leaving my house for work, and I'm wearing the smelling pair of socks for the third day in a row. The saving grace? They seem to have regenerated themselves overnight — the slight stink observed at the end of day two seems to have dissipated. I'm full movie with porn complaining. I stop for an iced coffee on my way to the Subway. I'm at my desk — my work day has officially begun.

Feet smelling, sock smell handjob

It's a light meeting day, which means plenty of room to dig into built up backlogues smelling and plenty of time to sit hentan porn my desk without stretching my legs.

I brought lunch, and have no reason to leave the office until I'm done for the day. Although things were pretty fresh scented this morning, my confidence in this experiment is beginning to waver. I second guess every smelling whiff in the office — but there is literally no way for me to give sock feet a sniff at my desk without looking like a real weirdo. I'm relieved when milfblows time to head home, though I'm pretty sure my self conscious concerns are all mental.

I sock up and meet Charlie downstairs — we head downtown together and stop at a hot new Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.