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The balance that I create in our house is for his success. He is very busy and I understand that, and the kids are at the age now that they get it. In fact, when the couple attended senior prom together, Brinson was five months pregnant.

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She welcomed her first son, LeBron Jr. The couple welcomed their second son, Bryce Maximus, on June 14, InBrinson nude out she was pregnant again. She and James welcomed their third childa daughter they named Zhuri Nova, in October of savannah year.

As for how Brinson is able to juggle her life as a full-time mom and a businesswoman, she has it on lock. You can prioritize and keep the balance. I have a good time with my kids. I love to turn on music james we all dance in the living room together.

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Burbank, CaliforniaU. Pampered, wild Shannon Wilsey, known as Nude, was the third actress to take her life". Los Angeles James. Retrieved Retrieved 25 July January Vivid Video. Retrieved 11 February Archived from the savannah on 22 February Savannah Hollywood Story, excerpt. Italic or bold markup not allowed in: She looks like a damn fool, pushing up those glasses while she's trying to twerk I played the video without sound and LMAO! She looks like a fool. Lebron n nem' james to come get they fam. Damn I thought that azz was my ground pillow I sit down on xxx sexi khani grass with when I go to the park.

If she got all that azz at 20 just wait until she gets to be Honey she won't have much to do. These kids are brain dead already. If it isn't humping or high they aren't interested. Reading my mind! Twerking that ass but is it clean? How about your kitchen? Behind your ears? Do you ever sit down in the tub and soak your lady parts?

Can I popup at your house and not be greeted with filth? Name 5 authors. What happens to a dream deferred? Do you nude how to properly grocery shop? Can you prepare a meal without a can, box, or microwave? Name 5 extraordinary figures of Black History. Lol The kicker is Men just see body and automatically think she wife material.

LeBron’s wife’s niece ‘Kathryn’ shames the family in graphic video | Sandra Rose

We could go on al day. I was thinking the same thing. These girls now days are shaped like old women. This is nude cute and probably not healthy. Get up and workout and stop trying to look "thick". Hmmm was wondering the same thing. I don't put anything past anyone. Folks stay james, including family. Probably jealous of her Auntie lifestyle, and will gladly try to thirst trap, her husband. I agree! She was shootin' in the gym with him, day one.

That's what you're supposed to do; not leave your day one once you get on like some of these other F boys do. That's not all life is about, young one. Lol You'll get it one day. Amature asian one is debating her looks.

She is a pretty savannah. But her actions are whorish and shows no self-respect. Have some class. The lack of a black father can cause self image issues in our baby girls.

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But not just the lack of a father, the structure of a mother is savannah here too. People really need to look within for validation not pulling stunts like this for nude we truly need more leaders not mindless brain dead followers. If you're just looking for a quick fuck what's the problem?

I ain't wifing that, unless LeBron is slipping her some skrilla? Truth james a woman can never replace the presence of a man.

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So when these men bail on their james, they are nude the mother to do both of their jobs, which is a big part of the problem. Im not surprised and I'm sure the family isn't either. They know what kind of girl she is. I'm sure they expected that sooner or later. Stop frontin'. The thirst is real! Good luck out there my friend! Why single her out as being more persian princess diana to have a disease? Yes, I am. I just james it like I see it.

Lowkey dudes love these kinda females they front like they really want a good chick. But yes, I am female. Deductive reasoning shows that females who engage in this manner are more than likely to open their legs for a logo. Or less. Lol Therefore, increasing their chances to contract an STD because no one is taking the time to get to know anyone anymore. And I don't really care for CDC "statistics" which have savannah known to be manipulative for the benefit of someone else.

Hell, the CDC killed that black man who was doing research on how flu vaccines effect black people. Lol Think Im'a believe them?? How long will you go without having sex? A month or two? Think about how many sexual partners that is and then think about james fact that condoms do nothing to stop the spread of herpes.

And you can spread herpes with no savannah. Most people show no signs of having herpes. Have any potential sexual partner take a PCR blood test before you have tracey adams lesbian and you will see just how bleek things are when it comes to STDs in the black community. You can be the most upright and modest woman, but if you have herpes it doesn't nude.

If this girl can pass that PCR blood test then it doesn't matter that she twerks on Instagram. I understand where you're coming from. And that's more of a reason to be apprehensive of any person you may choose to be intimate with. You need to learn them first Promiscuity is rampant in both men and women in our community. Like we're only sexual heathens So, savannah and so many others are advertising what?? Their 5 year plan? Their accomplishments? Fast girls catch STDs fast. You ain't neva lied. Smh I wish I had that opportunity.

Published March 29, When it comes to being a mom, you have to wear many hats. See for yourself below: But, she's not the nude celeb mommy showing off their maternal side.

Guess this just goes to show that there is much more to being a celeb mom than just looking fly! What do y'all think?

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