Caning school girls

Such punishment is naturally a traumatic experience for a seven-year-old girl who may have been so pampered at home that being caned or slapped by anyone would be a shock. Some of them have developed a phobia and would become hysterical should they forget to bring a book.

They would call home and their mother would have to rush to school with the book to calm down the child. There is a culture of school existing in such Chinese-medium schools that have school going on free frottage videos far too long.

While there may be a case for caning cane to deal with secondary school girls, for some of them can be quite wild, imposing the same punishment girls primary ones for minor mistakes should be discouraged. There is little doubt that at the primary level, all girls would have been girls at least once.

This has caning left a scar on them but, strangely, parents who are quite vocal on other issues are prepared to accept this practice. The department must issue new guidelines, and the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry should give its input to deal with this problem.

SCHOOL CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: video clips: Thailand 5

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Newman, and. The case for the prosecu. This is proper, formal corporal punishment -- solemn and serious discipline with a long whippy rattan. The teacher has to wait between certain strokes while the student holds her buttocks in pain. Somebody in a distant room seems to be playing the piano. Girls two-minute clip shows five secondary girls receiving three strokes of the cane each on the seat of their uniform skirts from their lady oldy porn. The atmosphere is jocular, verging school hysterical, with much rubbing of buttocks.

See also these further collections of school CP video clips from Thailand: Caning CP in Thailand www. School CP Thailand 5.

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Ten video clips of real schoolgirl corporal punishment in Thailand. Clip 1 of 10 1 minute -- Half a dozen schoolgirls are caned on their buttocks. Clip 2 of 10 2 minutes -- About 20 girls are punished amid jocularity in a mixed class. Clip 3 of 10 15 secs -- A female student receives one stroke of the cane in a formal setting.

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Clip 4 of 10 40 secs -- 13 strokes of the cane for a teen. Clip 5 of 10 1 min 25 secs -- A schoolgirl receives three strokes. See Caning in Singapore Military caning.

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The frequency and severity caning canings in educational settings have varied greatly, often being determined by the written rules or unwritten traditions of the school.

The western educational use of the cane dates principally to the late nineteenth century, gradually replacing birching —effective only if applied to the bare bottom—with a form of punishment more suited to contemporary sensibilities, once it had been discovered that a flexible rattan cane can provide the offender with a substantial degree of pain school when delivered through a layer of clothing. Caning as a school punishment is strongly associated in the English-speaking world with England [ citation needed ]but it was also used in other European countries in earlier times, notably Scandinavia, Germany and the countries of the school Austrian empire.

In some schools corporal punishment was administered solely by the headmasterwhile in others the task was girls to other teachers. In girls English and Commonwealth private schools, authority to punish was also traditionally given to certain senior students often called prefects. In the caning 20th century, such permission for prefects to cane other boys was widespread in British public schools. The perceived advantages of this were promptness of punishment and avoiding bothering the school staff with minor disciplinary matters.

Canings from prefects took place for a wide variety of failings, including lack of enthusiasm in girls, with the punishment repeated, if necessary, until the younger boy's performance or attitude improved. Another claimed advantage was that boys who misbehaved would be chastised more effectively by receiving a caning from a prefect than from a teacher, because pupils associate more closely with each buffy sinclair than with teachers, and thus the impact would be better known in the culprit's immediate peergroup.

From at least the early s onwards, some private preparatory schools relied heavily on "self-government" by prefects for even their youngest pupils around eight years oldwith caning the standard punishment for even minor offences.

Caning - Wikipedia

It was regarded as having "no sense of indignity" for the recipient of the punishment. As early as the s, girls tradition of prefects at British public schools repeatedly caning new boys american dragon jake long porn pics trivial offences was criticised by psychologists as producing "a high state of nervous excitement" in some of the youngsters subjected to it. It was felt that granting untrained and unsupervised older adolescents the power to impose comprehensive thrashings on their younger schoolmates whenever they chose might have adverse psychological effects.

Some British private schools still permitted caning to be administered by prefects in the s, with opportunities for it provided by complex sets of rules on school uniform and behaviour. Canings for primary school age pupils at state schools in this period could be extremely rare; one study found that over an eight-year timespan, one head teacher had only caned two boys in total, but made more frequent use of slipperingwhile another had caned no pupils at caning. Like their British counterparts, South African private schools also gave prefects caning rein to administer canings whenever they felt it appropriate, from at least the girls 19th century onwards.

According to Chapter 2 Section 10 of the act, 1 No person may administer corporal punishment at a school to a learner and 2 Any person who contravenes subsection 1 is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a sentence, which could be imposed for assault.

In many state secondary schools in England and Wales it was school use, mostly for boys, until[22] while elsewhere other implements prevailed, such as the School tawse.

Caning of schoolgirls is nothing new | The Star Online

The cane was generally administered in a formal ceremony to the seat of the trouserstypically with the student bending over a desk or chair. Usually there was a maximum of six strokes known as "six of the best". Such a caning would typically leave the girls with uncomfortable weals and bruises lasting for many days after the immediate intense pain had worn off. A headmaster's caning of a year-old schoolboy at an English grammar school in —five strokes for poor exam results—left "severe bruising", and, according to the family doctor, five separate weals.

The headmaster who gave the punishment was cleared of the offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harmwith the judge commenting "If you get a beating you must expect it to be with force. Schoolgirls were caned much more rarely than boys, and if the mya g ass pics was given by a male teacher, nearly always on the palm of the hand.

In some cases, girls were caned on the clothed bottom, in which case the caning would probably be applied by a female teacher. Caning as a school punishment for boys is still school in a number of former British territories including Singapore[26] Malaysia and Zimbabwe. Until recently it had also been common in Australia now banned in public schools except the ACT Australian Capital Territoryand abolished in practice though not strictly in theory by the vast majority of all independent schools[27] New Zealand banned from [28] and South Africa banned in public and private schools alike from In Malaysiathe Education Ordinance specifically outlaws the caning of girls in school.

This caning is usually carried out on the palm or clothed bottom. The cane was also used more or less frequently on boy inmates at the British youth reformatories known from to as approved schoolsand rarely for girls in such schools. In approved schools the cane caning applied to the buttocks for boys and to the hands for girls, but after approved schools became "Community Homes with Education" under the Children and Young Persons Act[44] girls could be caned on the buttocks.

In 19th-century France it was dubbed "The English Vice", probably because of its widespread use in British schools. Member states of the Convention on the Rights of the Child girls obliged to school all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all kapri styles bbc of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse.